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Healthy tan - staining with Henna

How can one get a safe and healthy tan? We suggest staining the body with Morocco Henna in Hammam for a beautiful golden tan!

Beautiful and healthy tan with Henna
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Solariums have been abolished all over the world because of their harmfulness, it is still a long time until vacation, and a beautiful tan is already desirable by the beginning of the summer.
Visit us in the Hammam to obtain a beautiful golden tan with the stain of Moroccan Henna.

Як проходить процедура:
  • Steam in the hammam.
  • Application of black liquid Moroccan eucalyptus Beldi soap on the body. Black Beldi soap softens the upper layer of the epidermis, gently removing the dead cells.
  • Peeling with Kesse's glove. Such peeling cleanses the skin, so that the tan will be smooth and the skin will be renewed.
  • Applying a mixture of Moroccan Henna on the whole body. Moroccan Henna is truly unique, pure, natural, without any additives, dyes, etc. Moroccan Henna will not only color the body, but it will also mineralize the body with useful substances.
  • Washing Henna off.
  •  Securing the tan - sprinkling with lemon water.
  • Moisturizing of the skin, light aroma massage.
Dear customers, if the spa program ends after 21.30 the cost increases by 20%.

The whole process of staining takes place in Hammam. The procedure of dyeing is very comfortable and pleasant, there is no need to do anything yourself, everything is done by the Spa Specialist, even Henna will be washed off by our specialist, so this is the procedure of not only staining, but also Relaxation.

After staining with henna, the skin does not smear clothes (checked by our specialists :-)), all the female specialists in our salon are tanned with henna), such tan comes off as the usual sun tan - gradually, without any stains (in contrast from the cane one and self-tanner).
Palms, heels and face are not stained. In the end, the whole body and face are the same color. There are no transitions.
Staining with Henna has no contraindications, it does not cause allergies and brings only benefit to all the organism and skin, in particular.
Henna contains important trace substances, so this tan is not only safe and beautiful, but also healthy. It is good to do this before going to the sea. After peeling and staining with henna, sun tanning will not fade, it will last longer, and there is one more feature - a very beautiful color.
Golden tan is kept on the body for 7-10 days. After that, the procedure can be repeated. There is a cumulative effect with the number of procedures, and a tan becomes darker.
From our experience, brunettes’ tan is more intense.

You can repeat the procedure after some time.
Attention! Staining with henna is not a self-tan, it is washed off gradually, without any stains, after 7-10 days the skin just gradually becomes paler, but it all happens evenly.

Duration is 1.30 hours, the price is 1440 UAH.

If you want a more intense color of the tan, resulting in the subsequent application of Henna, the Special price for the repeated procedure of “Healthy tanning with Moroccan Henna" is 940 UAH.

P.S. Beautiful and healthy tan with Henna