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Body and face care "Velvet skin"

A new Spa ritual for skin care of the body and face based on enzyme peeling.

Зледащіле сяюче обличчя після програми "Оксамитова шкіра"

A glowing face after the program "Velvet Skin"

 Not only models on the cover of magazines have smooth, radiant skin. The program "Velvet Skin" helps to achieve perfection.

Due to a combination of peeling and whole body massage, including hands and feet, the skin is provided incredible care, and the body - a feeling of lightness and freshness.

The peeling agent includes a kelp extract, coral powder and enzymes.

Microparticles of coral powder gently exfoliate dead cells and enhance microcirculation, which facilitates the acceleration of metabolic processes.

The way the procedure is conducted:

Step 1 - full body massage with mild enzyme peeling for the body based on your skin type: with coral powder, almond, nut.

2nd step is a shower.

3rd step is applying the cream serum with collagen and lactic acid moisturizing and enhancing the elasticity of the skin. The duration of the body care program is 45-60 min.

Step 4 is face care with massage Cleansing Tonification Enzyme peeling for the face Applying oily serum Massage Final cream by skin type

Duration is 45-60 minutes.

The gift for having the new SPA treatment programs for the first time is the procedure for hands: Mild peeling with coral powder, mask for hands with colloidal gold, paraffin wrapping, nourishing hand cream with sea-buckthorn oil

The effect of the procedure is:

Smooth skin without flaws Renewing and rejuvenating the skin After just a few treatments, you will notice how elastic and smooth the skin has become. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin Filling it with the necessary trace substances.

The cost of the "Velvet Skin" treatment for the body is 840 UAH. Body + face, the cost is 1140 UAH.

P.S. Gift certificate for the program "Velvet Skin" will be a valuable gift to any girl and woman! Make your loved ones happy!