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Aqua Relax

Aqua Relax is a program of deep moisturizing of the skin of the face, neck and decollete.

Максимальне зволоження для зневодненої шкіри!

The skin of the face is constantly exposed to sunlight, weather conditions, polluted environment.

And our skin does not have enough moisture, so it suffers from dryness and peeling.

Dehydration of the skin causes premature aging.

Our skin needs additional moisturizing care a lot especially in the summer - if you do not provide it, your face will lose its freshness, and we - a good mood and glowing appearance.

The best method to achieve a healthy and radiant skin is its proper hydration.

e effect of the procedure is:
  • As a result of the procedure, the natural level of hydration is restored
  • the barrier function of the skin is restored
  • skin tone and firmness are improved
  • fine wrinkles are smoothed
  • the skin will become radiant and healthy
  • a strong relaxing effect for the physical and emotional state
  • You will be repeatedly wrapped in moisture - a relaxing cloud-spray in the course of the procedure

Duration of Aqua relaxation is 90 min. The cost is 740 UAH.

ua relaxation includes the following steps:
  • removing make-up
  • soft all-season peeling
  • massage for the face lifting
  • application of serum with hyaluronic acid
  • patches for eyelids with sea collagen
  • active mask with marine algae
  • moisturizing alginate mask
  • Moisturizing Eye Cream
  • Deep moisturizing cream application