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Политика конфиденциальности
Spa stone massage

SABAI SPA stonetherapy - is the massage by warm stones using a black granite, zincite, malachite and nature aroma oils.

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Rakuena saloon propose you to enjoy a unique by its own effectivness procedure with warm SPA stones SABAI stonetherapy. For deep relaxation, droping out a stress condition and reviving strengths.
Only SABAI SPA stonetherapy have such strong and effective health influence.

Stonetherapy is reccomended when you have:

- stress
- aging signs
- continuous tension
- tiring
- lack of energy and vital strengths
- sports load

Each aroma has its own property:

- rosemary favour the calming and restoration
- lavender helps take off tireness and bring health
- nerol oil from orange flowers brings relaxation
A and E group vitamins, which is parts of an essential oil favour rejuvenation.

SABAI SPA stonetherapy healthes all body. After ferocious massage ethereal feeling and energy blast are guaranteed.

The results:

- energy fillness
- relaxation
- taking off muscles stress, have a good toxic-outness effect. 
- revive an energy balance. 

During the procedure all body take a greate rejuvenation and restoration effect.
We doing SABAI SPA stonetherapy massage by next stages: after clinet is absolutely relaxed and prepared for the procedure, master places a warm stones on nescessary body parts. Smooth and ensured moves relaxes and taking off bad mood of tired muscles. SABAI SPA stonetherapy brings calm and bliss. 


Массаж горячими камнями в спа салоне в киеве - это не просто массаж, но это комплексная терапия организма при перегрузках и стрессе.
В массаже горячими камнями - мы применяем черных гранит. Этот камень хорош тем, что долго хранит тепло и вытягивает на себя все негативное.
Если вы никогда не пробовали массаж горячими камнями или его еще называю стоун масссаж - попробуйте, вам понравится.
Наш спа салона находится в киеве на печерске