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Girls party

Spend time with friends fun and benefit can be in the salon Rakuena SPA club.

We invite you to a Spa bachelorette party!

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Do not know how to celebrate your birthday?

Come to the Spa bachelorette party in the Hammam, your friends will be happy and will thank you for this option of celebration, and you will enter the new year of your life correctly - cleared physically and mentally from the worries, troubles and unpleasant experiences of last year and, for sure, the year will be happy!

Spa bachelorette party can be attended by up to 6 people.

Spa bachelorette parties in our salon are always lively)). It's fun to chat and see your girlfriends or colleagues with masks on the face, clay on the body or in the clouds of foam)).

At  your choice we offer several options of the program of Spa of a bachelorette party:

Spa bachelorette party. Light Package

1. Visit The Hammam. Steaming in the Hammam 20 min.

2. Body scrub with  Kessen 20 min.

3. Rest. Treat with herbal or green tea in raisins and dates 20 min.

4. Second Steaming in the Hammam for 15 min.

5. The water from  bowls with cool water.

6. Rest. Communication.

Спа дівич-вечір - спілкування і SPA в Хамамі - корисно, приємно і весело))!

Duration 2.5 hours, cost 2170 UAH per person. Number of people -  3-6.

Set-bathrobe, two towels, slippers and panties are issued free of charge. Tea and water are free.

If desired, you can bring a bottle of champagne to the end of the program to raise a toast for the birthday, we have glasses;),

If you have a  birthday  - discount of 20% 

Spa bachelorette party. The "Standard" Package

The program of the Spa bachelorette party consists of:

1. Visit The Hammam. Steaming 15 min.

2. Peeling with  Kessen or coffee scrub 20 min.

3. Rest. Treat herbal tea with jam.

4. Steaming in the Hammam for 15 min.

3. Wrap with Moroccan volcanic clay Ghassoulite -  20 min.

4. Mask on the face on the basis of Ghassoulite enriched with 7 herbs (with the effect of strengthening the oval of the face, nutrition, rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin), 15 min.

5. Contrasting water of bowls.

6. Rest, communication. Tea party.

7. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin with almond oil. 

Duration 2.5 hours, cost 2650 UAH -  per person.

For 3-6 people duration 2.5 hours for 3 people and 3 hurs for 4-6 people.

Set-bathrobe, two towels, slippers and panties are issued free of charge.

Tea and water are free.

When the number of people  is more than 3, the duration of the Spa  is  3-3.5 hours. No extra charge for the time.

Spa bachelorette party. Gold package.

Gold Spa program balances the nervous system, normalizes sleep, improves immunity, and exquisitely cares for the skin, making it luxurious, worthy of the Queen.

The program consists of:

1. Visit The Hammam. Steaming -  15 min.

2. Application of  Moroccan Beldi of argan and bitter orange.

Beldi, made according to a special recipe based on argan oil, olive seed oil and essential oil of bitter orange shoots and pettigrein regenerates, moisturizes the skin, soothes and relaxes the body, promotes the best recovery.

3. A bamboo body scrub or peeling with  Kessen.

4. White clay with rose, VIP wrap.

Wrapping with white clay + rose, in addition to skin care gives the effect of deep relaxation.

Clay cleanses, restores, whitens, exfoliates the skin, making it silky, soft and refined.

5. Mask of Moroccan brides on the face.

The mask -20 wild herbs (myrtle, kilindi, rosemary, rose setifolia, fleabane, Moroccan chamomile, caraway, anise, flax, lavender, etc.).

The mask is suitable for all skin types, has long been used to rejuvenate and improve the skin of the face, mainly used for brides from noble families. The mask brightens the skin, purifies brightens. The skin becomes pleasant, young and satin.

6. Contrast water  out of the bowls.

7. Rest. Treat tea with raisins and dates.

8. Light aroma massage with argan oil.

Спа дівич-вечір. Відпочинок, гідний королеви

Spa bachelorette party GOLD Package is designed for 3-4 people, 

Duration 3 hours, cost 3040 UAH per person. 

Set-bathrobe, two towels, slippers and panties are issued free of charge. Tea and water are free.

Spa bachelorette party "Chocolate"

1. Hammam Visit -steaming 20 min.

2. Coffee body scrub.

3. Chocolate body wrap of cocoa beans and optionally another steaming.

4. Rest, treat herbal tea.

5. Moisturizing the skin with orange oil.

6. Communication, the tea party.

Spa bachelorette party Chocolate  is a luxurious procedure for female company.

Soft as silk chocolate mask pampers the skin, delivering incredible pleasure and skin, and you! The aroma of chocolate relaxes, soothes and at the same time causes warm, sweet feelings, and the chocolate mask acts on the body, on the contrary, toning, tightens the skin, making it elastic and saturated.

Chocolate wrap-unique, because it is a completely natural organic mask of cocoa beans, we order it from Malaysia.

The composition of the chocolate wrap: cocoa beans, coconut milk, white clay, vetiver.

Delicious chocolate wrap of cocoa beans rejuvenates the skin, making it velvety, nourishes and moisturizes, eliminates the signs of aging, has antioxidant and regenerating properties.

Trust natural things!

 During a Spa night, our experts can take a picture of you on your phone.

Photos of girls in chocolate are always very cute and funny).

Гіркий натуральний шоколад - джерело магнію, головного мінералу жіночої краси!

The duration of the Spa bachelorette party "Chocolate" 2.5 hours. The cost of 2680 UAH -  per person.

The price includes a bathrobe, 2 towels, slippers, panties, tea and water.


Спа девишник в Хаммаме - вот лучшее время для общения. Во время спа девишника можно собраться с подружками, обсудить все новоости и пройти полезные и приятные программы в Хаммаме.
На Спа девишники в Хаммаме мы предложим программы пилинга, пропарки, маски на лицо и тело.
Обертывания в Хаммаме во время Спа девишника - дают глубокий Эффект питания кожи.
Во время Спа девишника на ваш выбор будут предложены разные Спа программы В хаммаме.
Спа девишник - лучшее время для подруг!
Спа девишкики - пакет лайт, спа девишние - пакет стандар, спа девишник - пакет голд или спа девишник " Шоколад" - выбирайте что вам по душе!
Недавно к нам пришли компания из 8 девушек, они собрались на спа девишник киев из разных городовю
Когда они уходили из нашего спа салона, то сказали на прощанье - спа девишник в вашем спа салоне - это была наша лучшая встреча за все эти годы!