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Spa " Strawberry Yogurt"

Yogurt and fruits are useful not only when taken orally, but they are also useful for our skin - for hydration and nutrition.

Spa program "Strawberry Yogurt" is a procedure of deep hydration and nutrition of all skin types.

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A special feature of the Spa program is the use of a mask made of 100% natural cosmetic yogurt, made of yogurt bacteria and low-fat lyophilized milk.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, minerals, fats and proteins. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin very well.

Spa program consists of:

1. Body scrub with mineralizing elements.

Our specialist will perform body peeling, a special scrub containing sea silicon. Delicate scabbing frees the skin from keratinized cells, renewing and rejuvenating it.

2. Spa foot massage.

Spa massage begins with foot massage. Every your finger, every point on the foot will be worked out and will not be left without attention.

3. Spa full body massage.

After a foot massage, a full-body Spa massage is done.

Soft and deep technique relaxes and lulls.

4. Yogurt wrap with strawberries.

Remaining oil is removed  with Terry mittens. 

and natural cosmetic yogurt mixed with hydrolyzed fruit extracts from strawberries and grapes and citrus is now applied on  the whole body.

  • Citrus blend, has vitaminizing and anti-oxidant effects.
  • Strawberry-grape mixture-strengthens the skin and blood vessels.
  • Coffee blend-tones the skin.

5. Covered body mask, covered with a sheet and within 20 minutes you can take a nap while Yogurt - Fruit mask nourishes your skin.

6. At Your request, Yogurt-Fruit mixture is applied to the face.

7. Treat  with herbal tea with sweets.

Duration of  Spa treatment 90 min. Cost -  1950 UAH.

We recommend to visit the Hammam for 20-30 minutes before the Spa program.

Cost Spa + Hammam" 2700 UAH., duration  - 2 hours.

Dear customers, if the spa program ends after 21.30 the cost increases by 20%.

P.S. Gift certificate for the SPA program-so you can not go wrong with the gift!

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