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Moroccon SPA Hammam - VIP program

Moroccan Spa Hammam is a Miracle procedure, without exaggeration 3 hours of treatment = three days of vacation!

Омивання водою з чаш
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Berbers for centuries used the gifts of their land to maintain health, beauty and youth.

And today the Ritual "Moroccan Spa Hammam" can be tried here. It is soft and deep slow procedure with special equipment.

The Moroccan Hammam has passed the test of time and proved its uniqueness and wonderfulness.

Steaming in the Hammam, cleansing eucalyptus black soap, exfoliation with a Moroccan glove, dipping volcanic clay Ghassoulite, enriched with 7 herbs full body massage in argan oil, as well as a delicious Spa ritual "Massage with herbs".

Deep cleansing and release from toxins and harmful toxins, now your skin will finally breathe and come to life, as if a heavy load will fall from your shoulders, and being grateful to you the body will please with vivacity, ease, excess energy and a sense of happiness!

The uniqueness of the Moroccan Hammam

Argan oil and clay Ghassoulite with herbs used Moroccan Spa Hammam is a miracle of nature. The secret of Argan oil, also called Moroccan gold, is its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Linoleic, oleic acid smooth wrinkles normalize PH balance, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, vitamin E  slows down the aging process, nourishes the skin.

Volcanic clay Ghassoulite - frees the body of toxins, improves skin, strengthens facial contours, anti-aging effect.

How does the Ritual " Moroccan Spa Hammam" take place?

You come to the Hammam Area, change into a cozy white bathrobe and we treat you to a delicious tea with dates.

After the tea party, our Spa specialists will accompany you to the steam room of the Hammam. You lie down on a warm marble table and the Ritual Moroccan Spa Hammam begins, consisting of several stages:

1. Steaming in the Hammam. The temperature in the Hammam is very comfortable, up to 40 degrees.

2. Application to the body of black Moroccan liquid soap Beldi from olives and eucalyptus, made by hand.

Beldi  in the consistency is similar to softened butter. Beldi allows you to gently remove a layer of dead cells without disturbing the structure of the skin. Dead cells of the epidermis under the action of black Beldi soften, swell and begin to exfoliate, so the subsequent peeling with a kesse handpiece passes delicately and at the same time very carefully.

Steaming in the Hammam with Beldi has the following effects on the body:

  • detoxification,
  • improvement of cell metabolic activity, 
  • humidification,
  • antiseptic effect.

2. Warm hot air flows with the help of towels.

3. Peeling with Moroccan kesse.

4. Spilling water.

5. Rest. Treat Moroccan tea with homemade jam of lemons and ginger.

6. Spa ritual "Foot Massage with herbs".

While you relax and drink tea, sitting comfortably among the pillows, our experts will make a foot massage with herbs.

The legs are immersed for 7 minutes in a copper basin with infusion of herbs, and then there is a deep relaxing foot massage. During  this procedure, our guests usually fall asleep : -)).

7. Glazing of Moroccan volcanic clay with 7 herbs.

Clay is applied to the whole body.

Ghassoulite - a unique healing clay, produced only in Morocco, with a high content of Si and Mg. Ghassoulite  performs the function of a powerful detox. The coefficient of absorption Moroccan Ghassoulite  1.66.

This means that 100 grams of clay applied to the body absorbs 166 grams of skin excretion products - toxins, fats.

Thanks to the Moroccan clay Ghassoulite, the skin is purified, allowing harmful substances, the toxins and dirt that has accumulated in the body out through the pores.

In addition, Ghassoulite  does not dry the skin, but rather nourishes it, tightens, increases turgor. 

After the procedure of Moroccan Hammam you will immediately notice how much better your skin has become. 

8. Mask "Radiance, 20 herbs" on the face.

The mask of Ghassoulite  and 20 herbs strengthens the oval of the l face, tightens pores, smoothes fine lines, makes the face clean and fresh. This mask is also called the mask of Moroccan Brides because of the ability of this mask to make instantly beautiful face.

The mask: Moroccan clay Ghassoulite, rosemary extact, lavender, myrtle, clove, nettle extract, roses, extract of mountain moss.

For men, instead of a mask on the face, you can do a head massage.

9.Washing off the clay and contrasting procedures-pouring water from the bowls. The alternating flows of hot and cold water on the body to strengthen blood vessels, improve metabolism and cause a very pleasant feeling.

10. Rest. Tea party.

11. Berber full body massage with argan oil.

A full body massage completes the excellent procedure Moroccan Spa Hammam. From the Hammam area we move you to the massage room, where the Berber full body massage will be carried out on the gold of Morocco - argan oil.

12. Treat  of herbal tea with raisins and dates.

Effect of the procedure:
  • Extraordinary lightness in the body and soul due to the withdrawal of toxins and dirt from the body.
  • State of vivacity, purity and freshness
  • Improvement of emotional state.
  • Great physical well-being.
  • Blooming look and shining eyes. We do not exaggerate)).

The duration of the ritual "Moroccan SPA Hammam" 3 hours, the cost  -  3990 UAH.

For 1.5-2 hours there is a program in the Hammam, and after an hour and a half  - Berber massage.


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