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Spa for moms

Are you the owner of the  Proudenst Title of the Land?

Are you a  mom?

В першу чергу, наповніть свою чашу і тоді всі, хто оточує Вас будуть щасливі.
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First of all, fill your cup and then everyone around you will be happy.

Then this Spa program is for you!

The whole World rests on care, warmth, love and patience.

You do not cease to give yourself to your family, work, children and others. And, therefore, it is so important for  Your World to be  harmonious.

The "I am a mom" program is specially designed for mothers of all ages, and especially for those mothers who have small children.

We know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes for mothers, how tired you are-physically and emotionally, how difficult it is to calm a child or give him emotional warmth when you have a Fire or a Desert in your Heart.

But You're just tired... Just ran out of steam... Just haven't slept or rested in a long time....

The fact that a woman can give and give when she has the full Cup, and for this you need to replenish your resource and Spa is a quick and effective way to restore and fill the resource.

In the Spa program "I am a mom" now we will surround you with the care, warmth, support, the same care that you give to your loved ones.

Privacy, muted sounds, gentle warm smells, subdued light, caring hands of our Spa specialists will help to fill Your source of life.

Warm butter, fragrant chocolate will saturate every cell with peace and pleasure.
Spa program consists of:

The first  part of the Spa program "I-mom" begins in the Hammam area.

1. Visit The Hammam.

Heating and steaming on a warm marble table. The temperature of the Hammam steam room is low and comfortable 38 degrees.

Thermal treatments enhance and stimulate lactation in nursing mothers.

2. Soft peeling with pink mountain Himalayan salt for cleansing the skin, detox and mineralization of the body (pink Himalayan salt contains 80 minerals).

3. Soap massage.

It is a very pleasant and useful procedure! You are in a huge warm cloud of foam, and the caring hands of a Spa specialist make a gentle massage of the feet, back, legs. No finger will be left without attention.

4. Chocolate wrap.

Natural Cocoa powder is a source of magnesium, the main female mineral responsible for good mood and relaxed state.

Chocolate wrap, in which the whole body is covered with warm chocolate, promotes relaxation and production of endorphins.

5. Mask "Moroccan clay + 7 herbs" on the face.

Organic natural Moroccan clay with herbs-perfectly cleanses the face, strengthens the oval, smoothes wrinkles. 

Face instantly becomes fresh, young and radiant!

6. Rest, tea.

Treat herbal tea with jam, raisins and dates.

7. Go to the Spa room. There will be massages here.

Spa stone massage-foot massage with hot stones.

8. Spa full body massage, duration 1 hour.

9. Herbal tea.

Length of the Spa program "I am a Mom" 2.5 hours, cost  - 3500 UAH.

For mothers who are on maternity leave to care for a child up to 3 years, there is a special price with a discount of 30% - 2500 UAH.

Dear customers, if the spa program ends after 21.30 the cost increases by 20%.

P.S. Make a gift to your wife, friend, sister in the form of so needed rest. Gift certificate for the Spa program "I am a mom" that's what she needs!

Спа программа для мам всех возрастов, спа программа для кормящих мам, для молодых мам, спа для мам в период лактации.
Тепловые процедуры стимулируют лактацию у кормящих мам, поэтому спа программа " я мама" показана вам.

Спа программа " я мама" будет хорошим подарком для вашей подруги, если у нее есть маленький ребенок.

Подарочный Сертификат на спа программу в киеве можно купить в нашем спа салоне.
Спа Печерск, спа оболонь, Хаммам Оболонь, массаж Оболонь