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Beauty - Spa Hammam for women. VIP

The program "Beauty" is created for Women and girls, when renewal, deep relaxation and recharge are needed as a breath of fresh air.

Догляд за обличчям і Spa масаж роблять Вас ще більш красивою і розслабленою
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Every girl and woman has an event when she needs to look especially good or just have a good rest, recover and reboot.
The program "Beauty" was created just for such cases!
The program is run both in the Hammam area and in the Spa room; it includes full care for the body, face, hair and hands.

The program "Beauty" consists of:
  • Detox, peeling, body care and relaxation in Hammam
  • Divine hair care from Moroccanoil,
  • Hand care,
  • Facial care - cocoon peeling, massage and mask,
  • Spa massage or full body lymphatic drainage massage.
Spa body care in Hammam:
Body care, detox and relaxation in Hammam.

Body care, detox and relaxation in Hammam.
Having come to our salon, you change into a cozy white robe, drink a glass of water with lemon and the program "Beauty" starts.
1. Visiting Hammam.
Steaming 15 minutes in aroma steam room on a warm marble table.
Hammam temperature is very comfortable 38 - 42 degrees, high humidity and low temperatures contribute to maximum perspiration and release from toxins and other waste that accumulates in the body due to poor ecology, malnutrition.

2. Applying the Moroccan Beldi based on olives and eucalyptus to the body.
Black Beldi Moroccan soap, 100% natural, is hand made from eucalyptus and olive oil. Beldi softens and lifts the dead layer of the epidermis, opening and cleaning the pores of the skin.
3. Moroccan Peeling with Kese glove.

Thanks to the action of Beldi, the peeling is delicate and thorough.
4. Contrast sprays with water from the bowls.
5. Rest. Treat with herbal tea with lemon - ginger jam.

There is a salt wall made of natural blocks of Himalayan salt in the recreation area. Salt blocks create a special micro-climate, a high concentration of negatively charged ions has a beneficial effect on the entire body.
4. Glazing with a royal Moroccan white clay with a rose.
Moroccan clay is a miracle of Morocco. It has powerful adsorption properties and extracts all the harmful things from the body - all toxins and wastes.
Wrapping with the royal Moroccan White clay with a rose gives an effect of deep relaxation besides skin care.
Clay cleans, restores, whitens, exfoliates the skin, making it silky, soft and refined.

In addition, the Moroccan white clay with rose saturates your body with trace substances through the skin, nourishes the skin, making it smooth and moisturized.
5. Washing the clay off.
6. Contrast sprays from bowls.
The alternation of warm, then cold water on the body strengthens the vessels and restores the energy balance. Plus - it's very, very nice.

Hair care:
Hair care with Moroccanoil:

Hair care with Moroccanoil:
A special Royal Spa hair care, after which you do not recognize your hair - it will become so much better quality!
Hair care products from Moroccanoil completely restore and revitalize hair damaged by chemicals, dyes, hair waving, due to the content of argan oil, fatty acids, omega 3 oils, vitamins and proteins.


1. Application of a special agent for head skin.
Depending on the type of your hair, a special agent will be applied to nourish, moisturize hair from the roots or stabilize the balance (for oily hair).
2. Gentle massage of the head.
3. Washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.
And now our spa specialist will carefully wash your hair with a special shampoo from Moroccanoil.
Shampoo moisturizes the hair, saturates with keratin, restores the elasticity and strength of the hair.

3. Restoring mask for weak and damaged hair.
The mask penetrates deeply into the hair, revitalizing and restoring it.
The key ingredients of the mask are shea butter, argan oil, natural fruit oil from the flesh of the Brazilian fruit tree Caryocar Brasiliense.

3. Moisturizing conditioner.
4. Oil for the hair tips.
The rich formula of Moroccanoil does not leave stains on the hair, does not make them oily, but on the contrary, the oil makes the hair airy, voluminous, increases the glitter and elasticity of the hair, gives softness and brightness to the color.
5. The therapeutic effect of Spa hair care.
Gentle soft touch of our Spa professionals is very delicate and caring.
Many clients recollect memories and sensations from childhood, when a loving caring mom washed their hair, and those who were deprived of it for some reason, will fill up the emotional resource from careful and sensitive attitude and touch.
6. Rest, tea drinking.

Spa hand care with Karite oil:
Moisture, nutrition, rejuvenation in SPA treatment for hands with Karite oil:

And we are moving out of the Hammam area, where hand care, face and body massage will be performed.
The skin of the hands is thin and dry, it requires substantial care. We use Shea butter (Karite) for intense skin nutrition in the spa care program.
Karite oil is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the tree on the African continent.
Shea butter is beneficial for the hands, because it:
- deeply moisturizes the skin,
- stimulates the synthesis of collagen,
- Smoothes fine wrinkles,
- Fatty acids regenerate the skin, maintain elasticity, eliminate irritation and dryness.
The way Spa hand care is conducted:
1. Delicate hands peeling with a bamboo scrub.
2.Hands massage with warm nut butter Karite.
3.Mask for hands.
 For a stronger effect, the terry handles are put on hands in order to deeply nourish and saturate the skin with the healing ingredients of Karite oil.

Facial care. Cocoon peeling
The way the face care is conducted:
  • Cleaning with sweet almond oil.
  • Applying a Moroccan Beldi from an agrania and a bitter orange for the gentle removal of dead skin cells.
  • Delicate cocoon peeling with natural cocoons of silkworm. 
  • Face massage with argan oil.
  • Modeling Lifting Mask from 100% Spirulina (algae).
SPA massage:
SPA massage:

At the end of the program "Beauty", lymphatic drainage or Spa massage will be made to your choice.
After 3.5 hours of rest, care and relaxation, you walk out being completely different - restored, calm, nourished, well-groomed, beautiful ...

Duration of the VIP program "Beauty" is 4 hours, the cost is 5280 UAH.

P.S. Подарунковий сертифікат на програму "Красуня" - буде чудовим подарунком для будь-якої дівчини чи жінки!