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Moroccan fairy Tale-VIP

Leisurely, charming Spa program "Moroccan fairy Tale" is abundant with its spicy subtle smells, Oriental bliss and sensuality, super high-quality 100% natural organic cosmetics and powerful relaxing effect.

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The refined, refined Spa program "Moroccan fairy Tale" is created for gourmets. It is suitable for both women and men.

There will be no fuss and haste, only softness, smoothness and delicacy...

There will be no artificial light, only live lighting of the candle flame...

There will be no Amateurs, only experienced Spa specialists of the highest category.

Stages of the procedure:
1. Steaming in the Hammam Area:

The Spa program begins in the Hammam area, where among the candles and rose petals, there are procedures for warming up in the Hammam, body scrubbing, Spa ritual for the feet.

You enter a Hammam decorated with foam, rose petals and candles. The Hammam area is lit only by candles.

Aromatherapy in the Hammam area.

Steaming in the Hammam is accompanied by the inhalation of spicy smells of cinnamon, patchouli, vodka, relaxing and saturating every cell of the body with something warm, sensual and beautiful.

2. Spa ritual for feet:

2. Spa ritual of steaming for  legs.

You immerse your feet a copper bowl with the mint infusion with lepestkami roses. Duration 15 min.

3. Delicious orange scrubbing.

After steaming and aromatherapy, you lie down on a warm marble table and Spa specialist performs body scrubbing procedure orange scrub. Massage movements scrub is applied to the whole body. Abrasive particles of orange peel and argan tree bones gently and delicately remove dead skin cells, remove excess sebum and impurities, opening pores and deeply cleansing the skin.

Moroccan Orange scrub is suitable for all skin types and is especially recommended for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

4. Washing the body with rose water

Morocco is famous for its Rose Water. Rose water, obtained by distillation, retains the unusual smell and aroma of Damask roses. It is an indescribable feeling-Your whole body seems to be in a pink cloud, enveloping with aroma and freshness. Rose water applied on the body, rejuvenates the skin, deeply nourishes and moisturizes.

5. Rest. Tea party.

After the procedures in the Hammam, we will treat you to herbal tea with Oriental sweets. After relaxing among the pillows and sipping tea, you move to the Spa room to continue the Spa program "Moroccan Fairy Tale".

6. Spa massage

Spa massage with  Oriental oil with a divine smell with vervain and argan.

Anti-stress Spa massage with fragrant Oriental oil calms, relaxes and restores even more.

The duration of the Spa massage is 1.5 hours.

7. Body wrap

After a Spa massage, a green tea wrap is applied to the body.

The composition of the Moroccan wrap "Green tea" - lemon verbena oil, argan powder, silicon and green tea extract.

The wrap nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, while stimulating the processes of fat splitting and detoxification.

Argan oil nourishes the skin, slows down aging, improves regeneration.

Lemon verbena relieves accumulated chronic fatigue and stress, and sweet lemon - fruit aroma uplifting.

8. Facial care

While the wrap is working, we will do a facial treatment consisting of:

- Cleansing of the face.

 The toning floral water.

- Instant beauty mask "WOW Mask".

- remove the remainder of the mask.

Professional Miracle mask "WOW Mask" significantly improves the quality of the skin due to active hydration with hyaluronic acid, collagen matrix will give elasticity, dense turgor and skin lifting. Also under the action of the mask tense muscles and wrinkles relax, your face becomes young and fit.

During the mask and wraps you can sweetly take a nap, waking up beautiful, rested and refreshed!

For men, instead of a mask, you can make a Spa massage of the head and face or foot massage, the duration of 30 minutes.

Spa program "Moroccan fairy Tale" is performed on premium cosmetics Tanamera(Raw Organic) and EffeDern (France).

The duration of the Spa program "Moroccan Fairy tale" VIP -  3 hours, the cost  -  4500 UAH for one person.

P.S. The gift certificate for the Moroccan Tale spa program is an exquisite gift for a loved one!