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Types of Massage

Massage is what everyone needs, regardless of age. Massage Kiev heals, restores, relieves pain, improves skin condition, removes the effects of stress, makes health better.

Give yourself a much needed rest - a massage to maintain health in our stressful times is not a luxury, but a necessity.

You will be offered a variety of massages in the salon Rakuena SPA club in Kiev: from medical to exotic, depending on your physical health and wishes and well-being. Specialists of the salon are caring, sensitive and very tolerant, most of them have medical education.

Types of massage:
Health and wellness massages:

Most modern people overload their shoulders and have up tight neck muscles because of a sedentary lifestyle. Massage of the cervical collar zone is recommended in order to remove muscle clamps and pain. Massage of the cervical collar zone is done both as prevention and as a treatment for relieving the painful sensations and eliminating the immobility of muscles.

Back massage is a necessary remedy for both prevention and elimination of unpleasant back pain, muscle tightening and spasms. The back massage can be performed as a one-time procedure, as well as a course. Experienced and caring professionals with medical education perform back massage.

The lymphatic system removes extra intercellular fluid from the body, the remains of the activity of cells and tissues. If the lymphatic system stagnates, legs swell, there are excess weight, cellulite and poor health.

Lymphatic drainage massage accelerates the outflow of lymph, removes edema and the intercellular fluid, improves the functioning of the whole organism.


Lymphatic drainage massage is necessary for swelling, pain in the legs, for varicose veins, poor health and cellulite.

Anti-cellulite programs:

Anti-cellulite massage can be taken as a course of 7-10 procedures, and just one time to maintain the body in perfect condition.

 A specialist will create a program for you where there will be an alternation of wraps, honey massage and thermal procedures in addition to anti-cellulite massages for better efficiency during the course. 

Anti-cellulite moist swaddling and dry wrapping by STYX. With a guarantee of results!

The result of the course is a decrease in size by 5-7 cm, eliminating cellulite, lifting and rejuvenating the skin, detoxing the body!

Massage for pregnant women and young mothers

The method of holistic massage was created specifically for pregnant and young mothers. The effect of massage – relieving the joints pressure, relaxing the muscles of the neck and back, reducing swelling, preventing and eliminating stretch marks.

Spa massages:

Antistress massage is necessary for all the inhabitants of the metropolis, because every day we are exposed to a huge amount of mental, physical and psychological pressure. Antistress massage eliminates the effects of stress, helps with chronic fatigue and reduces the likelihood of psychosomatic experiences.

Spa massage "Ritual with hot aromatic candles" is an exquisite spa program for gourmets. Massage is suitable for both women and men. Spa massage affects several senses at once - sensory, tactile and olfactory. The combination of the aroma of the candle and the warm melting wax based on coconut oil and shea butter on the body immerse in a state of deep bliss and pleasure.

Aroma massage is a double positive effect! Spa massage technique will relieve the muscles, and essential oils, penetrating through the skin, harmonize the psychoemotional state. Pleasure from relaxing the body and inhaling fragrances

Foot massage is an incredible pleasant procedure. The effect is a deep relaxation. Our guests often sleep during this massage. 

SPA massage with warm stones from black granite, zincite and malachite and natural aroma oils for relieving the stress, recovery and deep relaxation.

 Results: energizes, soothes, relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles, restores energy balance.

Spa program is a coconut paradise. Massage with natural coconut oil for moisturizing and nourishing the skin

Exotic massages

Hawaiian massage LOMI LOMI is the massage performing desires.

Ayurvedic massage
Facial and head massage

Indian facial and head massage is a relaxation technique for relieving tension from the face muscles, improving blood supply, removing mental stress. Duration is 30 min.

The face is aging not so much because of age changes in the skin, but because of overstrained muscles. Relaxing and modeling face massage tightens the shape, smoothes wrinkles. Duration is 30 min.

Massages with deep training of the muscles:

Power intensive massage with the use of elbows, forearms for the deepest training of all muscle groups.