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Anti-stress Spa Massage

Anti-stress massage is necessary for all residents of the metropolis, because every day we are exposed to a huge amount of mental, physical and psychological pressure.

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Anti-stress massage eliminates the effects of stress, helps with chronic fatigue and reduces the likelihood of psychosomatic experiences.

Anti-stress Spa massage is an excellent technique, harmoniously combining the techniques of classical massage and eastern techniques.

The joints are effected, tension and pressure on the acupuncture areas is conducted along with a good muscle squeezing during the anti-stress Spa massage. In addition, the whole body is subjected to light motion, which enhances the relaxation effect.

The effect of anti-stress massage is a deep and persistent relaxation of the whole body in combination with the relaxation of the nervous system.

People frequently fall asleep during a massage.

When you need an anti-stress massage:
  • If you are very tired and exhausted
  • There is little energy for activities
  • You have become very irritable
  • There is depression, nothing makes you happy
Massage with Super Effect:

Massage with Super Effect:
To enhance the effect of massage and nourishment of the skin, we suggest that you have massage with the Super Oil RAW ORGANIC (raw organic cold pressed oils). All raw, organic oils offered in our salon are certified products! The USDA and Ecocert certificates speak for the highest quality and purity.

Effects of oils:

Argan oil: it is extracted only in Morocco, argan oil is called Moroccan gold, the oil contains a high amount of non-fatty acids. Argan oil has a rejuvenating effect. Linoleic, oleic acids smooth wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastane, and vitamin E - slows down the aging process.

Coconut oil Raw Organic is the best natural moisturizer of the skin due to the high content of hyaluronic acid. Coconut oil is suitable for flabby exhausted skin. Unbelievable pleasure from massage with coconut oil will also be due to the unforgettable smell of coconut)).

Cocoa Raw Organic Oil is an amazing oil! Raw cocoa butter perfectly treats the skin, beginning to lose elasticity, it perfectly revitalizes the skin, nourishes, tonifies, moisturizes. The oil is rich in magnesium (the main mineral of female beauty) and aphrodisiacs.

Supplement for Super Oils:

Massage with argan oil - 120 UAH.

Massage with coconut oil - 120 UAH.

Massage with raw cocoa butter - 180 UAH.

Nature has everything for us to be healthy!

Duration of Antistress massage is 90 min. The cost is 1850 UAH.,

Шановні відвідувачі Rakuena Spa club, якщо процедура закінчується пізніше 21.30 до вартості додається націнка 20%.

P.S. Gift Certificate for SPA massage is an excellent gift for close people!