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Aroma massage

As a result metabollic process becomes slower, toxines and slags accumulate, blood circulation and lymph flow become worse, a man starts feeling inner discomfort and tiredness - our body starts getting older. 

aroma massage
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Nothing can help our body function correctly as good as aroma massage!!!
Aroma therapy is the use of essential oils with the medicinal purpose. It is a complex of methods allowing to protect a person's immunce sustem, to give him additional energy.

Essential oils are the main element of aroma therapy. These are refiend vegetable extracts derivable from plants by different methods. Aromatic oils put on the body gives a strong positive impulse to the whole organism. Due to a special tecnique and effect of oils there is a very deep muscle relaxation, inner discomfort and tiredness disappear, the mood becomes better. 

This procedure is useful in the following cases:
  • Aroma massage gives skin a beautiful glare and freshness
  • Aroma massage tones up and relaxes muscles, nourishes skin and gives the body a beautiful form
  • Aroma massage makes body fire stronger and improves the process of blood circulation
  • Aroma massage gives the body lightness, activity and energy
  • Aroma massage removes infelxibility of joints, improves bearing and gracefulness of movements
  • Aroma massage give fexibility to the backbone,strengthens nerve-endings of the organs and all parts of the body
  • Aroma massage strengthens vital energy and improves sexual activity
  • Aroma massage improves concentration, attetion, intelligence
  • Aroma massage slows down the processes of ageing and helps keep youth 

The length is 1 hour, the cost is 1250 UAH.

Шановні відвідувачі Rakuena Spa club, якщо процедура закінчується пізніше 21.30 до вартості додається націнка 20%.

P.S. Try to allow yourself this satisfaction as often as possible!